The current exhibit in ACDE’s art gallery showcases work from teens in recovery


mural paintings from teen artists

Explore the pages of the ACDE art gallery.  To move through the gallery, after

viewing one picture, scroll down the page and click on the next button.  When you’re

finished viewing the entire exhibit, we’d love to hear what you thought about the exhibit,

so please e-mail us with your impressions of this exhibit.  We are also looking for

new artwork for our next exhibit.  Please send us your contributions of artwork,

photographs, essays, poems, song lyrics, or any other creative endeavor you’ve undertaken.


The art gallery this month features

photographs of the murals created by the students at the Phoenix House Teen Center in New

York City.


whirl.gif (2786 bytes)  Show me the pictures!

whirl.gif (2786 bytes)  Information on art therapy at Phoenix House

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