Does PetSmart Drug Test?

If you are considering applying for a position at PetSmart, you probably want to know about the PetSmart drug test in 2022. Most stores in the United States have strict policies on employee drug and alcohol usage, and many also do drug tests upon hire.

PetSmart, Inc. operates over 1,600 retail locations in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada, making it the largest specialty retailer of pet services, supplies, and pet food in North America. Dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, birds, and tiny animals are all welcomed here.

Dog grooming, boarding, daycare, and a host of other services for pets are also available. In addition, it operates PetsHotel facilities in select PetSmart shops across the country.

The company’s goal is to ensure that pets have access to the food, medical care, and other resources they need to live long lives.

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PetSmart drug test policy 2022

    • Before 2018, all applicants were drug-tested at PetSmart. The corporation stopped requiring drug tests for new hires in September 2018.
    • PetSmart reserves the right to drug test the candidate during interviews or before joining.
    • According to the updated policy, the company can randomly test its employees on the job.

    According to the American Addiction Center, pre-employment drug testing is required for less than 2% of positions nationwide.

    How does PetSmart drug testing work?

    During the job interview or for internal promotions, PetSmart may request that a candidate submit a drug test following the interview process. The candidate has 48 hours to show up at the designated drug testing facility.

    After the initial interview, PetSmart often does not administer a drug test. To ensure a lawful and safe working environment for all employees, PetSmart conducts a drug test during the second interview with just the individuals who have been chosen for further consideration.

    The pet store has the right to request any test on employees, including the PetSmart warehouse drug test, for the following reasons:

    1. When an employee comes dangerously close to causing harm to themselves, others, or PetSmart property while on the job.
    2. If an employee’s performance or conduct in the workplace is affected by the suspicion that they are using or under the influence of illegal substances.
    3. After an employee has completed a rehabilitation program, to serve as a confirmatory test.
    4. Usefulness for tasks that place a premium on worker safety.
    5. In conclusion, a manager may request a drug test from any employee.

    The candidate must give valid samples for the drug test and comply with PetSmart’s drug test policies. The employee must also show a valid ID card to the sample collector. PetSmart uses an outside lab to conduct the drug test.

    What happens if you fail to pass the PetSmart drug test?

    If a potential employee of PetSmart fails a drug test, they will not be offered the job, and the interview process will end.

    However, if you are an employee of PetSmart and fail a drug test while returning to work, you will likely suffer sanctions and may be terminated from your position.

    Remember that PetSmart has a zero-tolerance policy on drugs and alcohol, so a positive drug test would be a significant violation.

    Managers at PetSmart have the last say on whether or not an applicant who fails a drug test can reapply for a job there.

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    Kinds of drug tests at PetSmart

    Pre-employment drug testing

    PetSmart has the right to drug test its employees, even though this is not the norm in the business world. Everyone in the company, from current employees to those who could join them in the future, must abide by this policy. Among others, employees in the grooming, cashiering, and stocking departments may be subjected to a PetSmart pre-employment drug screen.

    Keep in mind that PetSmart does not conduct drug tests on potential employees until after they have been hired. However, before commencing work, you could be required to pass a drug test. If you request a drug test, you must do it within 48 hours to keep your job at PetSmart.

    Random drug test screening

    Like many other companies, PetSmart has a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy, which means that the corporation can administer a PetSmart random drug test.

    If an employee has been in an accident at work or is a new hire, PetSmart may request a drug test to determine his fitness for employment.

    Reasonable Suspicion Testing

    The PetSmart company reserved the right to get the person drug tested if it gets suspicious of an employee’s activities. For instance, abnormal behavior or liability to carry out the tasks.

    Post Accident Testing

    While working in the PetSmart departments, employees are expected to be heedful and orderly. However, PetSmart will conduct a drug test for the employee if he has been in an accident just to clarify things.

    Which types of drug tests are preferred at PetSmart?

    PetSmart goes for drug tests that are effective and easy.

    Urine test

    PetSmart typically uses urine drug tests as part of its hiring process. This is because testing for drugs via urine is easy, fast, and completely risk-free.

    For the urine drug test, PetSmart drug test kits are designed to look for specific drug metabolites in a candidate’s system. Those things are:

    • PCP
    • OPI
    • AMP
    • COC
    • THC

    The sample of urine would be taken by the tester, who would then look for the substances mentioned earlier and metabolites in the urine—indicating drug use within the past 30 days.

    You can also do a home drug test for PetSmart job securing.

    Hair test

    Hair drug tests are one type of confirmatory test that may be used if fraudulent test results are suspected. PetSmart’s drug testing conforms to SAMHSA standards.

    Will PetSmart conduct a prescription drug screen?

    You may wonder if PetSmart conducts drug tests if you need prescription medicine to treat a health condition. To address your question, PetSmart conducts drug tests for prescription medication.

    Per the company’s policy, employees are not permitted to report to work while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    However, prescription pharmaceuticals may be blamed because their molecular structures resemble those of illegal narcotics. Therefore, it is prudent to inform your employer in advance if you are taking any medication that may be detected in a drug test. Doing so can help you stay out of trouble at work.

    How to pass the PetSmart drug test?

    If you work at PetSmart, passing a drug test is not impossible, but you do need to take precautions because these tests are conducted randomly. Even if a job candidate is given time to eliminate all traces of drugs from their system, this could be a risk for employees.

    You need to abstain from drugs from the time you submit your application and continue abstaining with methods such as baking soda treatment or water therapy. Let’s say the store manager has asked you to give a urine sample within the next day or two.

    Quick-fix solutions like the jello and water treatment are your best bet in that situation. After the jello cure, be sure to take your vitamin B2 pills.

    Cranberry juice may also help you pass a drug test. You should know that these strategies have mixed success rates when passing a drug test.


    What kind of drug tests does PetSmart conduct on its employees?

    PetSmart uses an outside company to conduct drug tests on its staff and report the results to the company.

    At PetSmart, you’ll take your unobserved urine test if required for a drug screening. Following that, an independent organization like LabCorp evaluates the test results.

    PetSmart conducts background checks on all new employees to ensure they have not been convicted of any major crimes or have a history of drug or alcohol abuse.

    What does the PetSmart drug test check for?

    The drug test administered at PetSmart is not comprehensive. Instead, it focuses primarily on screening for these five different categories of medications. The test will look for substances such as PCP, OPI, AMP, and COC, along with the PetSmart THC tests.

    Can I reapply for the PetSmart drug test if I fail?

    If you fail a drug test, PetSmart managers have the discretion to accept your reapplication for a position with the company.

    If you later take a drug test and the result is negative, your name will be kept on file, and you may be allowed to reapply for the position.

    You should wait some time before reapplying to PetSmart and explaining your circumstances to the managers for them to comprehend your situation. It will boost your chances of obtaining the position.

    Does PetSmart drug test for an entry-level position?

    Since PetSmart conducts so many job interviews, the cost of administering another drug test would be prohibitive. Therefore, they only drug test in case of a suspicious candidate, including in entry-level positions.

    How long does PetSmart take to hire after an interview?

    After a successful interview, PetSmart will likely hire you within 2 weeks.


    As an organization, PetSmart ultimately succeeds as an employer of choice. The position isn’t ideal for everyone, but it’s an excellent fit for many people. PetSmart could be a great fit if you seek a job offer with outstanding pay and benefits.

    Remember that the employer will almost certainly do a drug test; excellent exam passing is crucial. If you don’t do well, you can miss your chance. Don’t use drugs for at least a few weeks before applying for a job. You can easily breeze through the exam with flying colors.