Facts For Parents

Caring adults — parents, family members and other caregivers — have the best chance of helping children grow up to be drug-free. The messages parents deliver influence children, not just for today, but throughout their lives. “Facts for Parents” is designed to provide you with practical advice and up-to-date information as you broach this difficult subject. Tips for …

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Who’s Huffing? – Adolescent Inhalant Abuse

Every March, we observe National Inhalants Abuse Week.  But inhalant abuse is an every day occurrence.  On Tuesday, June 1, 2004 at 9 a.m. EST, the Partnership for a Drug-Free America will release a special data analysis on teen inhalant use.  National data show an increase as high as 44 percent in inhalant use among certain age groups.  You can …

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Inhalants – Who’s Huffing Now?

NEW:  Test Your Knowledge Inhalants – What Are They? Who Uses Inhalants? Duration of Effects and Symptoms Inhalants – Physical Signs Inhalants – What Do They Do to You? What Can You Do? What Can Educators Do? The ACDE Inhalants Free Pledge If You Think There Is a Problem…

Learn Folder

Welcome – Find out how different drugs affect the various organs of the human body. Join your hosts Oink and Boink of the Learning Trip by clicking on a particular substance now.

Basic Facts About Drugs: Cocaine

Cocaine and crack are toxic, addictive, psychoactive substances that have significant physiological and psychological consequences for users. Perhaps even more significant and unfortunate, however, are the negative effects that cocaine and crack users have on their families, communities, workplaces, and society. Domestic violence and random violence are often fueled by cocaine or crack. Children are often …

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Facts For Youth

So much of what we do is to help young people avoid drug and alcohol problems. But you need the knowledge and skills to make this easier. “Got the smarts?” knowledge quiz Drugs Facts Check out the ACDE catalog Other links for you to explore

About Transitions

We are committed to changing the attitudes and expectations around youth drinking and making the transition to college a successful transition to adulthood where students can make the most of their college career and beyond.  We are embarking on a new campaign initiative to help high school students, teachers, and parents be better prepared to …

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