My Pledge to be Inhalant Free

My Pledge to be Inhalant Free              Yes, I want to be among the millions of kids today that are making smart choices and becoming INHALANT FREE.             I will give myself the opportunity to have a successful future by not using inhalants.             I agree to become informed about the problems of using inhalants and …

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Let’s Talk Parents Guide

      Parenting   Let’s Talk Parents Guide   A 32-page guide that helps parents/guardians address substance abuse with children of different ages. It provides detailed instructions, addresses the role a child’s emotional and physical development plays in communication, and outlines conversations between parents and chldren, suggesting responses that generate effective commuication.   $3.00 …

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Ties That Bind 25 Fact Sheets

Parenting Ties That Bind 25 Fact Sheets Set of 25 fact sheets designed to be distributed by professionals who work with kinship care providers. The single-topic fact sheets are designed to help kinship caregivers deal more effectively with issues specific to kinship care families that are a result of parental substance abuse. $10.00 per 25

Ties That Bind Handbook

Parenting Ties That Bind Handbook 91-page handbook designed to help kinship care providers deal more effectively with new child-rearing responsibilities due to their child’s addiction. $7.00 per 1

Faces of Addiction Kit for Schools

Education Faces of Addiction Kit for Schools The Faces of Addiction Complete Set includes the 34-minute compilation video, School Activities Program and Guide for Parents Concerned About Substance Abuse. The set is available for only $10, with no shipping and handling charges. $10.00 per 1

Working it Out: Adult Children of Alcoholics in the Workplace

Workplace Working it Out: Adult Children of Alcoholics in the Workplace A multi-use program, Working it Out can be used as a one-hour educational workshop on parental addiction for all employees or as a tool to help mental health professionals identify and talk about workplace issues with adult children of substance abusers. (Facilitator’s manual/user’s guide, …

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Survival Skills for the Workplace

Workplace Survival Skills for the Workplace Includes five one-hour training modules designed to enhance work skills. This program goes beyond others by helping employees move past the underlying issues (core beliefs) that prevent them from working most effectively. Stand-alone units include: time management, stress management, effective listening, assertive communication and change management. (Trainer’s manual, background …

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Kids Talking to Kids

Education Kids Talking to Kids Through interviews, five young people discuss their experiences with parental alcoholism in an award-winning video. Designed to inform children 9-13 about coping strategies and ways to get help, this program can be used in a variety of settings. (19 min. VHS, discussion guide) $20.00 per 1

The Images Within

Education The Images Within A unique three-session alcohol education/prevention program for children, ages 10-13, featuring drawings by children of alcoholics. Field tests demonstrate increased knowledge, as well as changes in attitudes and behaviors. (Leader’s guide, ten posters, reproducible handouts) $35.00 per 1