Does Niacin Work to Pass a Drug Test?

Often drug tests are conducted in various situations to authenticate your credibility. To prevent the effects of positive drug test results on the cost of your scenario either the custody case or employment, you need an effective and working method to pass the drug test. Among the other detox methods, niacin pills are also used to flush the system from drugs.

How many niacin pills to take to pass your drug test and how long does the effect last? In this guide, you will get everything for passing the drug test with Niacin. So, keep on reading.

What is Niacin and in What Cases It is Used?

Niacin also referred to as Nicotinic Acid or Vitamin B3 was initially recognized during the study of nicotine. Niacin is an essential mineral and its deficiency can cause various diseases like Pellagra, Hartnup diseases, and Carcinoid syndrome. It is necessary to keep the various systems and skin healthy. Natural food sources rich in Niacin include yeast, milk, tortillas, and grains.

Generally, Niacin Pills Are Used For:

  • Niacin pills are prescribed by doctors to treat various diseases including cardiovascular and pellagra.
  • It helps to increase the HDL in the body to reduce the concentration of LDL (bad cholesterol) in the bloodstream. Niacin is used as a supplement to cure cardiovascular and skin health.
  • Most importantly, it is used for the treatment of the Niacin deficiency condition, pellagra. Pellagra is a severe disease that can lead to 4 D’s: Diarrhea, Dermatitis, Dementia, and even Death. Diet supplemented with Niacin and other vitamin complexes help to recover the loss.
  • Apart from the diseases, niacin pills are used to pass the drug test. No scientific study proves that niacin pills can flush the toxins out of the body. But the online discussions and platforms on the internet suggest that a significant dose of niacin pills can yield negative drug results. Passing the drug test with niacin tablets also has some side effects.

How Could Niacin Help You to Beat a Drug Test?

The heavy dose of niacin pills to pass a drug test is not safe as compared to other approaches like detox products or fake urine kits.

Niacin works in two ways to flush the THC from the body to pass the drug test.

First, it speeds up the metabolism by which the THC is excreted from the body. As THC is fat-soluble, when you burn fat, THC is eliminated. Niacin pills fasten the process and rapidly remove the THC metabolites from the body to pass the drug test.

Moreover, it opens up the blood vessels so that the THC can easily be flushed out of the body.

How much niacin you should take depends upon your age. The RDI for adults and males above fourteen is 14-18mg per day.

How Many Niacin Pills to Take To Pass a Drug Test?

The most common question to be cleared is how much niacin should I take to pass a drug test because the single potential dose of niacin could cause liver damage.

Anecdotal evidence suggests taking 2500mg of the capsule. But it can be toxic to the liver, following steps can help to prevent potential side effects of Niacin.

  • The best practice is to take 500mg of niacin pill at a time, either in the morning, and drink two glasses of water.
  • Take another pill of 500mg after six hours. Don’t take over dosage of niacin and too much water to prevent the side effects.
  • Two pills of 500mg one every six-hour is enough to pass your drug test.
  • Also, take vitamin B12 capsule and creatinine monohydrate to ensure the correct appearance and values for the drug test.

Does Niacin Flush Free Work to Pass a Drug Test or Regular method?

The regular method with niacin to flush the toxins from the body is associated with high risks like:

  • Liver failure
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Indigestion
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Abdominal pain

For those people who cannot bear the niacin flush, the flush-free method is used. The method is simple and constitutes the use of a flush-free or no-flush form of niacin. It is not a good option to pass the weed detox with the flush-free niacin pills because they don’t rapidly burn the fat and remove the metabolites from the body. Moreover, it is also associated with liver toxicity and decreased ability to lower cholesterol.

Flush-free doesn’t produce the niacin in the blood so effective flushing is not achieved. Regular methods cause side effects, including burning or redness on the skin. These symptoms can be alleviated by the use of 325mg of aspirin. But the regular method is more efficacious while comparing the regular vs flush free method and performs the fast flushing of drug metabolites. The success rate of niacin depends on various factors including the:

  • Days for supplementation of niacin before the test
  • Amount of dosage takes each day
  • Number of days before the test
  • Water consumed each day
  • Which format of niacin is consumed
  • Which drug you have consumed
  • Age, health and Body Composition

How Long Does Flushing Last with Niacin?

How fast can niacin cleanse your system? Probably, it takes niacin two to four hours to cleanse your system out of THC. The intermediate form of niacin “Niaspan” can stay for about 12-24 hours in the body. Even in case of a high dose, your body will be cleaned from the Niacin in 48 hours. The effect of Niacin flushing to remove the THC from the body lasts for about five hours.

But be aware not to exceed the safe amount of niacin. 2 grams or more niacin for a significant time period can be harmful and result in liver damage.


Niacin is used by various online users for passing drug tests. But the reviews and evidence show that the high dose of niacin can be associated with side effects like vomiting or extreme conditions like liver damage. Niacin flushing can cleanse the system from the drugs and remove the THC from fat cells through urine. To avoid the potential damage caused by niacin pills, it is best to take 500mg of pills every six hours with two glasses of water.

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