Substance abuse tools for mental health professionals


ACDE’s science-based, user-friendly materials can be incorporated as therapeutic tools in a variety of counseling environments.  Whether you work in a hospital setting, a treatment center, private practice or in a community-based agency we hope to support the work you are doing to help individuals and families dealing with substance abuse and addiction.

The following are just a few examples of our versatile materials.  Whether you are searching for informative display materials for a waiting room or bulletin board, or for a video or booklet to use in individual counseling or parenting classes, ACDE can help.

Drug Awareness Series – A series of 11 brochures providing the very latest science-based information on drugs of abuse.   Topics include alcohol; cocaine and crack; heroin and other narcotics; inhalants; LSD, PCP and other hallucinogens; marijuana; methamphetamine; tobacco; drugs and pregnancy; alcohol, drugs and the workplace; and talking to your child about marijuana.

Let’s Talk – This 32-page parents guide provides parents and other caregivers with practical advice about how to communicate with their children about substance abuse.

EDUCATE – Hosted by Delores Jordan, this 13-minute video seeks to alert parents, teachers, and caregivers about the existence and dangers of inhalant abuse the deliberate inhalation or sniffing of products to get high.