About Transitions

We are committed to changing the attitudes and expectations around youth drinking and making the transition to college a successful transition to adulthood where students can make the most of their college career and beyond.  We are embarking on a new campaign initiative to help high school students, teachers, and parents be better prepared to meet the challenges of college.


Transitions – a new prevention program targeted to college-bound high school juniors and seniors – is intended to reduce the use of alcohol and other drugs during the final years of high school, challenge social norms and change attitudes about high risk drinking, and help prepare students for the drug and alcohol challenges they are going to face in college. We are in the preliminary stages of developing the first component of this larger campaign.

The final Transitions program will include:

  • Student Curriculum – a seven session curriculum for counselors to use with students.
  • Counselor Handbook – to teach counselors about substance abuse prevention, high-risk populations such as children of alcoholics, the realities of college drinking, suggestions for involving parents in prevention, and strategies to ease the transition to college for students
  • Parent Manual – will provide practical information on how to stay connected and communicate with students while also challenging alcohol-related myths
  • Mini Magazines  – a set of take home “mini-magazines” that deal with alcohol and other drugs as they relate to first-year college student experiences
  • Website – for parent and students providing information and interactive components for students to investigate positive ways to navigate their first year of college and offering strategies for parents to best prepare their children for college life
  • List serv – for school counselors, school nurses, parents, students, professionals, and others interested in the TRANSITIONAL issues faced by high school juniors and seniors as they prepare for their first year of college. Join the Transitional Youth List serv

If you are a high school counselor and are interested in having your school participate in the pilot testing phase scheduled to take place Fall 2004, please contact us.  We are expecting to launch the full program in Fall 2005.

Advocacy and Policy Change

We recognize that real change goes beyond providing prevention programs, materials, and trainings but also includes changes in social policies.  Our work goes beyond the Transitions program and future plans will include partnerships with local community coalitions and national organizations to advocate for policy change on a local and national level to reduce the impact and negative consequences of youth alcohol and other drug use.

For more information about Transitions or to find out about other ACDE Training, Technical Assistance and Consultation opportunities contact:

Julie Rosenbluth


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