Who’s Huffing? – Adolescent Inhalant Abuse

Every March, we observe National Inhalants Abuse Week.  But inhalant abuse is an every day occurrence.  On Tuesday, June 1, 2004 at 9 a.m. EST, the Partnership for a Drug-Free America will release a special data analysis on teen inhalant use.  National data show an increase as high as 44 percent in inhalant use among certain age groups.  You can access the report on Tuesday at www.drugfree.org .

Later that evening CBS Evening News (Dan Rather) is scheduled to run an inhalant segment.  Those interviewed include parents who have lost children to huffing, an ex huffer, a counselor and, Harvey Weiss, Executive Director of the National Inhalants Prevention Coalition.   Check listings on Tuesday  at www.cbsnews.com

For those who want more information about Inhalant Abuse, please visit www.acde.org and view our Who’s Huffing Article.  And visit the NIPC web site www.inhalants.org for the latest information about this threat to our nation’s use.