ACDE Scientific Advisory Board member J. David Hawkins

Hawkins.jpg (9612 bytes)J. David Hawkins, Ph.D.

Dr. J. David Hawkins’ research focuses on

understanding and prevention child and adolescent health and behavior problems.  He

seeks to identify risk and protective factors for health and behavior problems across

multiple domains; to understand how these factors interact in the development or

prevention of problem behaviors; and to test comprehensive prevention strategies which seek

to reduce risk through the enhancement of strengths and protective factors in families,

schools, peer groups and communities.

Since 1981 he has been conducting

the Seattle Social Development Project, a longitudinal prevention study based on his

theoretical work.   Dr. Hawkins is the developer of the “Communities that

Care” program, co-developer of the Social Development Model, a theory which provides

a foundation for positive development and delinquency and drug abuse prevention, and

co-author of “Preparing for the Drug (Free) Years,” and “Parents Who

Care” prevention programs that empower parents to strengthen family bonding and

reduce the risks for health and behavior problems in their families.  He is also

co-author of Communities That Care: Action for Drug Abuse Prevention, co-editor

of A Sourcebook on Serious, Violent, & Chronic Juvenile Offenders, and editor

of Delinquency and Crime: Current Theories

He has served as a member of the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s Epidemiology,

Prevention and Services Research Review Committee, and the Office for Substance Abuse

Prevention’s National Advisory Committee.  He currently serves on the National

Institutes of Health’s Study Section for Community Prevention and Control, the National

Education Goals Panel Resource Group on Safe and Drug Free Schools, and was a member of

the Committee on Prevention of Mental Disorders of the Institute of Medicine at the

National Academy of Sciences.  He is listed in Who’s Who in Science and

Engineering, was awarded the NPN Award of Excellence for Outstanding Contribution to

the Field of Prevention, and was named the University of Washington Lecturer for the

1996-1997 academic year. 

He is committed to translating research into effective practice and policy to improve

adolescent health and development.

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