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Home Page To Counter Growth Of Pro-Drug Internet Sites

(New York, April 8, 1998) — Accurate information on drugs and other harmful substances and a one-of-a-kind national database of more than 1,200 treatment programs are featured on www.drughelp.org, a new web site operated by the American Council for Drug Education.

The user-friendly site offers information on the composition, patterns of use, and effects of more than a dozen harmful substances, including alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine and crack, heroin, LSD, methamphetamine and Ecstasy. Text and graphics also examine such critical issues as Drugs, Alcohol & the Workplace, Drugs & Pregnancy and Talking To Your Child About Marijuana.

“We are pleased to make this crucial material available to millions of adolescents, parents, educators, journalists and others who use the web as a major source of information,” says Martha Gagne’, Director of ACDE. “It is also extremely important to offer accurate drug education and prevention material to counter the unfortunate growth of pro-drug sites on the web.”

National Referral Database

The one-of-a-kind referral database includes locations and telephone numbers for more than 1,200 treatment programs located across the country. It can be searched by state and locality. There are also listings for nearly 1,800 self-help programs, support groups and crisis centers, bringing the total number of entries to more than 3,000.

“Placing this vital information at the disposal of Web users will improve referral services,” Ms. Gagne’ says. “The confidentiality and anonymity of the Internet is particularly helpful in this sensitive area.”

Intervention Measures

The colorful web site also has sections on signs of drug use and intervention measures for family, friends and others seeking help for someone they suspect is having a drug problem.

“By using this feature, adolescents and adults can learn about symptoms and behaviors which indicate that a family member might be experiencing a drug problem,” Ms. Gagne explains. “Guidelines on speaking to a friend about a drug problem also makes it possible for visitors to the site to help others.”

Developed by ACDE staff, the site can be accessed by all Web browsers.

Founded in 1977, the American Council for Drug Education (ACDE) produces and distributes a wide range of scientifically based drug education and prevention materials for schools, the workplace and the general public. ACDE reaches more than 200 million people annually through print, broadcast media and film. The Council operates a 24-hour, toll-free, confidential drug help and referral service, 1-800-DRUG-HELP.

Since 1995, ACDE has been an affiliate of Phoenix House, the nation’s leading non-profit substance abuse treatment and prevention organization. Phoenix House treats more than 3,000 adolescents and adults in outpatient and residential programs in New York, New Jersey, Texas and California. Founded in 1967, Phoenix House has treated more than 70,000 people — saving lives and strengthening families and communities. Additionally, we have established methadone clinics in New Jersey to address opioid addiction comprehensively.