American Council for Drug Education’s sober advice for the holidays


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Sober Advice About The

Holidays & Substance Abuse

From The American Council for Drug Education

1) Be careful about making alcoholic

beverages a central part of the Holiday celebration, especially if a family member or

friend at the party has a past drinking problem;

2) Be mindful about the accumulation of

alcohol if you are invited to different parties on the same day — just one glass of wine

at several celebrations adds up to a lot by the end of the evening;

3) Be aware that the Holiday season can be

emotionally difficult for people who have recently overcome a problem with substance abuse

— the joy of Holidays can actually bring a sobering sense of how much they have missed;

4) Even a small amount of alcohol can

impair your senses and your judgment when driving;

5) If you’re out at large parties, be

careful about drinking from the punch bowl if you don’t know the contents; it could be

more powerful than you think,

The Holidays are a

difficult time for many people, particularly those recovering from drug or alcohol abuse.

If you need support or guidance, call 1-800-DRUG-HELP, a 24-hour, confidential service of

the American Council for Drug Education (ACDE), an affiliate of Phoenix House.

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